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The Culture of Your Business – Employees


The Culture of Your Business – Part 1, Employees

As featured in Global Voice Magazine, Vol. 76, page 13 [click here to view issue]


Why is it important to think about the culture of your business?  In this day in age, it is becoming a “must have” versus a “nice to have”.

Culture is the set of behaviors, values, artifacts, reward systems, and rituals that make up your company. You can feel” culture when you visit a company, because it is often noticed in people’s behavior, enthusiasm, and the space itself.  Sounds powerful, yes?  It is.

The culture of your company plays a big role in your success.  Here are some short but important things to think about:

Your Story – the great story of how you started your business and your dreams for it need to be told.  You don’t have the time to be everywhere but you can influence and shape your company culture to tell it for you.

Hiring – finding the right employee is rarely easy.  But if you have a great culture and you know you want to hire someone that “fits in” with it, you’re less likely to make a poor hire.  Poor hires cost you thousands of dollars in time, training and much more.  Staying true to the best fit for your company is better in the long run, and remember, you can teach them!

Employee Loyalty – employees today are looking for strong company values, meaning in their work, a sense of community, and a good culture.  Being deliberate with these four things will keep your employees believing in the company and loving where they work.

Productivity and Quality of Work – when employees believe in their company and love what they do, they are much more thoughtful in how they spend their time, how they do their job, and think about if what they do – or don’t do – is good for the company.  Happy employees work harder and smarter.  And they care about the future of your business.

Financial benefits – to keep the points above very simple…hiring the right people, keeping them happy and productive to get quality work will make you money!

One of the great benefits of being a small business is that you are involved at the ground floor level and can easily shape and monitor your culture.  With big businesses, it is much more difficult and the culture may develop on its own (that’s not usually a good thing!).

When you communicate and honor culture, people know what to expect and feel comfortable. This goes for both your employees and customers.  My next article will talk about how your company culture impacts your customers.  The lesson today is that your employees represent your business  – if they love your culture you are gaining many benefits for little effort!

Tara Cox, SPHR, SHRM-SCP   (605)408-6399

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