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The Culture of Your Business – Customer Impact


The Culture of Your Business – Part 2, Customer Impact

As featured in Global Voice Magazine, Vol. 77, page 5  [click here to view issue]

Have you ever gotten a “feeling” when you entered a business or retail establishment?  A feeling of excitement, of happiness, or at worst, a boring and gloomy tone?  That is a reflection of company culture.

Last issue, we discussed what company culture is and it’s influence as it relates to your employees.  A great culture tells your story, helps you in hiring great people, keeping them loyal, productive and much more.  Today, let’s understand how your company culture can impact your customer…and ultimately your sales.

How an employee feels about working for you and your company directly influences:

Your Company Brand or Image – if an employee genuinely loves what they do and who they work for, they radiate.  That joy is shared with customers and creates an extremely powerful experience.  When customers think of your company, they will remember that joyous feeling and associate it with your brand.

Customer Service  – this is very important.  An employee’s attitude, level of energy, knowledge of the company and their job, smile, and tone of voice all can positively OR negatively effect the level of service given to a customer.  If the attitude and level of effort is great, a customer will likely be forgiving about something gone wrong.  But if the customer gets bad service, you may never have a chance with them again, or at least not for a long time.

The ‘Good’ Reasons to talk about your business – people will talk about your business and you want to make sure it is because they had a great experience.  A bad experience can diminish your sales but a great experience gains you referrals – those “you have to check it out!” conversations or social media posts – that can create sales and possibly allow you to decrease advertising costs.  A win-win!

So what can you do to help ensure your company culture positively impacts your customers?  1.  Find ways to get customer feedback – then listen and evaluate what may need adjusted to make things better   2. Reward the employees that are displaying what you want   3. Make customer service training a high priority – show your employees how it gains you business and gains them raises and promotions.

To put this all in perspective, your company culture impacts the bottom line.  A bad culture can attribute to less than desirable employees and customer experiences…and ultimately decreased sales.  But a great culture is felt by all, employees and customers alike!  Make that “feeling” work to your benefit!


Tara Cox, SPHR, SHRM-SCP  (605)408-6399


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